James River


This website is all about a small Z Scale model railroad called the James River Branch. Begun in the fall of 2006, the layout was tragically destroyed in a shipping mishap in May 2012. Thankfully its construction was documented in great detail. You can also see it in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Ztrack Magazine!

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David K. Smith


An overview of the layout

Building the layout, step by step

Images of things that no longer exist

History of the layout and website

Assorted odds and ends


Shortcuts to answers for modelers

Clinics, tutorials, reviews and more

Loads of links for products and supplies

A collection of compact plans you can use

What's on the webmaster's mind?

“I commend you on your stimulating Z scale site, a masterpiece of clarity and information.”

—Bill Critzer, Menlo Park, CA

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