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Buckley & Onarca

The Buckley & Onarca is loosely based on a plan of the same name by Bill Baron, which was published in the December 1966 issue of Model Railroader. This updated version permits unattended continuous running of the twice-around loop, while at the same time providing a runaround to help with switching chores. With no cut tracks to worry about, this ought to be a fun layout to build and run.

Notes on operation: This layout can support one continuously-running train plus a switcher working the yard at the same time, assuming insulators were added as shown below; the second locomotive can be stored in the enginehouse on an isolated siding as needed. DCC would simplify two-train operation.

Overall size: 24" X 50"
Gridline spacing: 6"

Insulated joiners
910 "special case" switches

Elevation in inches

Working with switches

Burying switch machines

904 R195 45º curve: 4
905 feeder: 3
906 uncoupler: 6
910 left switch: 6
911 right switch: 5
913 R220 45º curve: 12
917 220mm straight: 9

The 5 #902 straight sections and the 10 #912 curved sections required come with the switches.

This layout can be built using Märklin track or Rokuhan track. Because of the design of Märklin and Rokuhan switches, there are no limitations on where remote-control switches can be used.

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